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Easily Collect Leads, Go Viral And Increase Your TeeSpring Profits.

Dear Friend,

You are probably aware that TeeSpring is a goldmine.

Every "t-shirt" marketer is raving about it and for good reason; when done correctly, you can generate hefty profits.

Now, in order to achieve this you need exposure...

That's where everyone is failing; their t-shirt campaigns do not get the necessary eyeballs to make it profitable.

This is probably the number one mistake that most "t-shirt marketers" are facing.

Well, the good news is that itdoesn't necessarily have to be this way.

In just a few moments I will reveal to you a powerful, devastating "TeeSpring weapon" that will allow you to increase and boost your next TeeSpring campaign in a way you've never imagined!

For a few moments picture this...

You prepare your next TeeSpring campaign.

You install this powerful WP plugin into your WordPress blog and you start "rocking and rolling".

Then, suddenly you notice that you’ve easily started collected hundreds of leads and your TeeSpring campaign went absolutely VIRAL.

Profits start to dramatically increase and more and more leads are collected and transformed into loyal subscribers...

You comfortably lay back for a bit and smile because you know that you can achieve these amazing results over and over again!

Now, come back to reality.

How does it feel? Good, right?

Well, this is EXACTLY what this plugin can achieve for you!

Not very long ago, I was sick and tired of my TeeSpring campaigns not getting the necessary exposure - it was absolutely frustrating.

I wanted to create a viral contest and with the help of a top-notch developer I designeda WP plugin that not only is extremely easy to use, but tremendously POWERFUL.

After putting it into use and "experimenting" with it for a few weeks, my campaigns got more eyeballs, my auto-responder was fully loaded with a responsive list and my profits naturally increased!

Now, for the very first time I am sharing this incredibly useful plugin with the world!

WP Tee Contest will allow you to turn your next TeeSpring campaign into a viral social contest in order to systematically BOOST your campaign to unheard levels!

How does it work?

Very simple: You can quickly and painlessly create an engaging contest that will require an email sign up or a "share to enter"...this will literally "force" your campaigns to go incredibly VIRAL!

These are some of the useful benefits and features of the WP Tee Contest:

Finally you can collect leads, turn your TeeSpring campaign into a massive and successful VIRAL contest and increase your TeeSpring's business in a way that you would never imagine!

It's as easy as installing the plugin (it takes less than a minute), customize your viral contest and launch it!

I promise you that after launching it, you will transform into a massive success!

Quite frankly, I could charge hundreds for a killer plugin like this.

I am using it almost on a daily basis with my own TeeSpring campaigns and I couldn't run my TeeSpring business the same way without it.

It became, to me, a first-necessity tool in my arsenal.

So naturally, such an effective tool should be priced high, but don't worry, I won't do that!

Instead, I will make this extremely affordable so that you can launch your viral TeeSpringcampaigns without breaking the bank!

All I am asking is only $xx.

Yes, you've heard right - only $xx and you will get access to the members area where you can download the plugin and start using it right "out-of-the-box"!

Tiger WP TeeContest Plugin

Thanks for reading,

PS. This is the chance that you've been waiting you can finally create your very own VIRAL and exciting Social contests  for yourTeeSpring campaigns, collect leads and make more money!

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