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From: Anthony Earp

Subject: Here's the way you can run contests in your blogs and get more action and MOREsubscribers!

Attention: Bloggers and Internet Marketers!

I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but what really makes a blog successful is not the amount of traffic that it receives. Sure, when a blog receives thousands of visitors it’s really cool, but if there’s no "action" going on, it's useless.

People are leaving in a heartbeat.

It's more or less like people on the street passing an empty cafe bar...they just ignore it.

However, when the cafe bar is crowded, people are drawn in to have a drink.

Thousands upon thousands of visitors mean nothing if you not able to engage them and transform them into what really interests you most: subscribers.

Here's the truth: You need to keep these visitors at any cost, that view and then quickly leave your blog, by transforming them into buyers.

We estimate that on average, a person spends just a few seconds before making the decision to leave or stay longer on your site.

You have to grab their attention immediately, or you will have lost them forever...

Fortunately for you, I have a pretty exciting solution that will STOP your visitors, and literally "force them" to interact with your sites.

And all thanks to the amazing power of contests!

Not very long ago, I was utterly frustrated with the results of some of my blogs.

I was receiving a good amount of traffic, but the bounce rate (the percentage of people leaving my blog) was through the roof.

After researching a bit on the "big boy" websites to try to find out possible solutions for my problem, I made a "little discovery" that was SO simple that I hated myself for not thinking of it before!

So here's what I realized...

A majority of these popular sites were running contests and offering several different prizes. Surprisingly, people were raving about it!

I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to create something like this for my WP Blogs?

After putting my newly developed WP plugin into action, I started seeing jaw-dropping results and my bounce rate dramatically decreased...and all of this while getting new subscribers everyday!

The WP EZ Viral Contest is a superb, subscriber-increasing WordPress plugin that will allow you access to quick and easy RESPONSIVE contest pages that will keep visitors engaged...and the best thing is that you can do this in just a few minutes!

The good thing about The WP EZ Viral Contest is that it will get you TONS of people participating in your contests, and naturally this will bring you MORE subscribers!

How does it work?

Simple. People visit your site, enter a contest and will become incentivized to share it with their friends and families, causing your contests to go viral!

Follow a simple 3-step procedure, and you can have your own contests to drive more action into your site, heavier traffic and new subscribers!

  • By using the dead-easy setup wizard you can 100% customize your contest:

    Add details, images, the start and end of the contest, change fonts, background colors and even add your own background image.

  • With just one click of your mouse button, you can publish your contest and share it via Facebook, Twitter, email and much more.

    You can conveniently manage your contests from a very user-friendly control panel where you are in total control at all times.

  • People will be "forced" to enter the contest in your blog, and once they do, they will be motivated to share with others to get more entries.

    You can easily track ALL the results from your admin panel to make informed decisions. You can also see at all times the contest statistics in real time.

FINALLY: When the contest ends, you can pick a winner and quickly email the winner directly from your admin interface. It’s that easy!

In most marketplaces you can find similar plugins (that don't even have half of the features that I am offering here) for at least $37, sometimes for even more.

However, for very limited time you can get access to the "WP EZ Viral Contest" for only $xx.

That's right, now you can run your viral contests (that will be RESPONSIVE), create excitement in your website and decrease your bounce rate FOR ONLY $17!


Tiger WP EZ Viral Contest Plugin

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It's as simple as this: your happiness or your money back!

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