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From: Anthony Earp

Subject: Create attention-grabbing notification bars with a few clicks of your mouse!


Dear Friend,

Everyone knows that nowadays it is really difficult to make your visitors stay longer.

With so much information floating on the Internet, attention span is really short-lived.

We are talking about a few seconds…and if you don’t grab the attention of your visitors they won’t hesitate to click away and spend their money elsewhere.

It’s certainly a frustrating experience seeing how your bounce rate goes through the roof!

If you look around you’ll see that the big boys usually resort to some kind of “trickery” to make their visitors reconsider leaving their site.

They use all kinds of banners, pop-ins or exit bars…

However, I do feel that these techniques might come across to users as very annoying.

And you know what happens when people are annoyed right?

Exactly, they will leave in a heartbeat and will never return.

Today I would like to share a secret with you…



If you truly want to see a difference in your blog as soon as TODAY, I suggest you read on because you are in for a few surprises.

My Dead Simple “Weapon”

I always had a passion for notification bars.

I mean, they are simple, direct and non-intrusive.

Not only that, but they truly work because they are not as annoying as exit-pop ups…

For a few months I was toying around with some products on the market that I purchased for some of my websites.

However, I wasn’t really satisfied since these plugins weren’t really complete.

Most of them lacked customization features and options that would allow me to get COMPLETE control (and to be honest, I am a bit of a “control freak”).

I spent a few months trying them and seeing how they could improve my existing business, but it was a complete failure – they didn’t bring in the results that I wanted.

The logical move was to set out myself to create a notification bar plug-in that should be different from the rest and that could provide me with the exact elements that I needed.

It cost me quite a lot to outsource it, but eventually I was able to get in contact with a killer developer who created exactly what I needed.


Now, for the very first time I am releasing this unique plug-in to the general public…


WP Combo Bar is a brand new WordPress plug-in that allows you to quickly and easily create your very own attention grabbing notification bars…in just a few clicks of your mouse!

This is a unique, out-of-the-box plug-in that is different from other plug-ins that are available for sale in the market.

WP Combo Bar contains the most advanced information retention features out there!

Check out the features and benefits…

  • Quickly and easily add top or bottom attention-grabbing notification bars - with important information or messages about your site (their attention WILL be dragged to the notification bars…instantly.)
  • Use it site-wide or assign to individual posts or pages to promote sales on your special offers. You can also display alerts, show your latest tweets and provide a login prompt for registered users of your WordPress site!
  • (this is ideal for those who don’t want to mess with code and love simplicity of use).
  • Set up notifications that will show up exactly when you want showing your message to your visitors.
  • Highly-customizable (change text, font, colors…etc.)
  • Eye-catching animations - (fade in, fade out), interesting sounds and much more.
  • Select where you want the notification bar to appear (top or bottom).
  • Increase awareness of your messages and increase your commissions!
  • Display animated social icons, video link thumbnails, featured news, countdown timer, login form, custom messages and much more in just a few clicks!
  • And much, much more…



(For a very limited time only)

Tiger WP Combo Bar  Plugin

My 30-day Money-back Guarantee (Forget About Any Kind Of Risks)

Don’ worry, if you’ve been burned before that’s a thing of the past.

Today I want to make things different here…

For 30 days, I would love for you to try and test-drive my amazing plug-in.

You will see that finally you will decrease your bouncing rate and make people pay attention to any message that you might want to get across…

If this is the case, don’t worry.

All you gotta do is contact me and I will issue a prompt, courteous refund in no time.

Until the last penny will be refunded!

There’s no way you can lose with this awesome deal, since there’s no risk attached!

What are you waiting for?

 Go ahead and download your personal copy right now!

Tiger WP Combo Bar  Plugin
Plugin Preview

Try this plugin Risk-Free


Download Tiger WP Combo Bar Lite!

With Tiger WP Combo Bar Lite version you will be able to use and test many premium features of the plugin.

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