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From: Anthony Earp

Subject: Sharing your images for your users was complicated...until now.


Calling all bloggers and online marketers,

There's no doubt that images and videos are a powerful resource in your blog and when used correctly they can bring you the results that you are looking for.

However, the true potential lies in something very, very simple: the moment when your users share the images and videos of your blog.

When they are doing this, they spread the word to others about YOUR blog.

This will naturally lead to more traffic, attention, buzz and eyeballs!

But Unfortunately, There's Only One Way To Do This...

And People Are So Lazy That They Don't Share

Images Because "It's Too Much Work."

Here's what I mean...

Usually, if you want to share a picture with your friends, work colleagues or relatives you have one way, and trust me; it's a tedious one.

First you gotta download the pic in question, then save it to your computer, then upload it to Facebook and then click on "publish."

If you want to share a video, typically you have to copy the link, paste it and share it in your Facebook account.

For the average Internet user, this is "too much work."

I know, I know - the total process takes about 40-50 seconds, but you know how people are when they are browsing the internet, right?

That Is A Thing of The Past...

Not very long ago, I came up to VERY practical solution to this problem - a surprising traffic-generation WP Plugin.

...A terrific tool!

Basically, I would install it in a few of my blogs and the number of people sharing my images and videos doubled in some cases. This resulted in an increased number of visitors and also in affiliate commissions.

And do you know the best part? The only thing I did was make my visitors' life easier when it comes to sharing my images and videos!

What is this?

Simple, "WP EZ Share It" is a sleek, powerful WP plugin that allows the visitors of your blog to easily share your images and videos in Google with just one simple click!

This is how it works...

1 - User arrives to your blog, hovers over your image (or selects his or her video).

2- Then, he can type any sharing message he wishes, click the "Share" button and voilà! Your images, infographics and videos will be seen by hundreds of people!

Here are the features and benefits of "WP EZ Share It"...

  • 100% Mobile-ready - "WP EZ Share It" was designed exclusively with responsiveness in mind. The plugin adapts flawlessly to any type of mobile device so even mobile users can share YOUR images and videos.
  • Your readers can share in Facebook, Twitter and also Pinterest (just imagine how many visits you’ll get when you are tapping into these GIGANTIC traffic sources!)
  • Quickly and easily edit and customize the styles, the way YOU want. Box style, background color, border, font and the share button can be adapted to your taste - there's no limit for your creativity.
  • You can include impactful effect styles such as audio or hover effects - impress your visitors so they are "forced" to share!
  • Increase your social traffic to your site and increase sales and subscribers - This is very simple, once people share your images and videos, you will GET more traffic.
  • Dead-easy to install - You can get "WP EZ Share It" up and running in under a minute (and it's quite easy to use it...You won't believe it.)
  • No-quibbles, no-funny-business, 60-day, money-back guarantee that will put your mind at ease. You either adore and are super jazzed with "WP EZ Share It", or your money goes back to your pocket again.
  • And much, much more!


Tiger EZ Share it Plugin

(Remember that you are fully protected by an honest, risk-eliminating 30-day money-back guarantee - if you are not happy with your purchase, you’ll get your money back IMMEDIATELY without having to answer unnecessary questions.)

It doesn't matter what kind of blogger you are or in what niche you are operating.

"WP EZ Share It" is guaranteed to help you to increase traffic and get more exposure.

So, my question is...

What are you waiting for?

Get instant access NOW by clicking here, and allow your images and videos to be shared TODAY!

Thanks for reading,

Anthony Earp

PS. I will repeat it again - there's no risk in this interesting, exciting offer. All the risk is on me. Go ahead and download "WP EZ Share It", and if for any reason (or no reason at all) you change your mind, just let know...I'll send a prompt refund your way.

PPS. You can't find a great and useful plugin such as this out there. "WP EZ Share It" is unique, and I promise that once you unleash its power you will see a positive difference in your blogs!

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